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418891 HisLolita Character Overview Grammatically corrected the character's introduction sentence. 04/26/14 09:32AM 16 Approved
406991 Jonny_Anonymous Character Overview 04/07/14 06:36AM 5 Approved
396109 Captain13 Character Guide Added recommended reading to Iron Fist that links to other Comicvine Pages 03/24/14 02:02PM 14 Approved
380031 Jonny_Anonymous Character Overview 03/03/14 04:57AM 5 Approved
309223 JeanRalphio Character Overview He appeared in the UK first,the cover introduces him too. 12/20/13 03:15PM 1 Denied
297765 JeanRalphio Character Overview 12/09/13 03:32PM 10 Approved
290209 JeanRalphio Character Overview Avengers 11/27/13 04:06PM 4 Approved
290208 JeanRalphio Character Overview Zombies 11/27/13 04:01PM 2 Approved
289627 JeanRalphio Character Overview Mighty Avengers 11/26/13 10:29PM 3 Approved
289622 JeanRalphio Character Overview Defenders 11/26/13 10:20PM 7 Approved
288906 JeanRalphio Character Overview The Lun in K'un Lun doesn't have a apostrophe. 11/26/13 09:50AM 16 Approved
282324 JeanRalphio Character Overview Word was spelled wrong 11/20/13 05:42AM 1 Approved
166542 CosmicCommonSense Character Overview 07/28/13 05:31PM 1 Approved
166541 CosmicCommonSense Character Overview 07/28/13 05:28PM 1 Approved
166485 CosmicCommonSense Character Overview 07/28/13 02:07PM 16 Approved
110917 X35 Character Overview 06/16/13 05:08AM 5 Approved
39859 pikahyper Character Overview 04/27/13 10:30AM 2 Approved
39681 dmlocke08 Character Overview 04/27/13 09:07AM 1 Approved
22812 X35 Character Overview 04/15/13 05:54AM 7 Approved

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