Two places at once?

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Did anyone else notice that in New Avengers #59 Danny Rand was at Camp HAMMER and the HAMMER Helicarrier at the same time? That's kinda sloppy not keeping track of who's where. Why not have Luke Cage there rescuing himself?
Though I do love Danny's plan for dealing with the Helicarrier, badass.

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I just noticed this too! I was flipping through the book again and was like, "WTF?"

 At Camp Hammer, New Mexcio

 While at the same time at Avengers Tower, New York
And we thought Wolverine was bad. Iron Fist is in two places at once in the same comic!
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@Nobody: Maybe the other Iron Fist was a Chi shadow....yeah...that sounds comic book-ish in a Stan Lee kinda way. But seriously shouldn't someone have picked up on that?
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Clearly the one at Camp HAMMER is a Skrull. Adoy.

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Wow fail

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I can't believe that nobody at Marvel caught this before the book came out.

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