The real origin of Shou-Lao the Undying...

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This is a little late but...
I just read Immortal Iron Fist #22 and I think the origin of Shou-Lao has been retconned. #22 revelead that in the early days of K'un-Lun's history, a trickster named Changming had risen to power during a time of moral decadence in the city. Changming had been the one who had originally summoned all of the demonic creatures that had once plagued K'un-Lun into the city, including Shou-Lao the Undying, and used them to quickly conquer the city. One day, however, a lone warrior had entered the dragon's cave to challenge it thereby claiming its power and becoming the very first Iron Fist.
But in the previous volumes Shou-Lao a man transformed into a mystic serpent over a thousand years ago by the Dragon King Chiantang. This now gives discrepancy. But nonetheless, I like the version told in issue #22. 
What do you think?

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Mmm I don't quite remember very well... was the story about Changming bringing Shou-Lao into K'un Lun told by the old man who was in the cell next to Danny Rand's?
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yep that's the one! i think its all a hoax bec Changming/Quan imprisoned the real Changming and forced him to tell his story, well part of it actually...

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The fact that not a lot of people remember or care about the original origin just goes to show that a retcon might have been needed. Course with all the lies told in K'un-Lun it could just have been misinformation before.
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@brit: so shou lou is evil? i thought he was benevolent ( well.. as much as a imprisoned dragon could be). I always though so because he let all the warriors gain access to his chi

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I would say neutral but closer to good than bad because he choses to give his power for a champion doesnt he

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@bigbadwolfx0: I would say neutral but closer to good than bad because he choses to give his power for a champion doesnt he

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@hyperlight: cool that's what I was thinking but on websites they make him seem evil. I don't know all that much about iron fist I read some older stuff I have read the immortal weapons saga and I thought the dragon was more good than anything he didn't kill the thunderers son Davos nor did he attack Danny's father I think it knows it's purpose and knows its champions fight for good in its name

I really liked Orson Randall I didn't want him to die but I knew it was going to happen.

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@bigbadwolfx0: yeah orson was really cool. I think some of the others were great to. Are you readin the new series?

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@hyperlight: hey did the ever show orsan becoming iron fist

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@lion_heart22: @brit: @princeimc: @brit:

Hey do you know if they have ever done a shou Lao origin before immortal iron fist 23 i am having a problem believing this story, every story is some what altered by the person telling it because of the side that they take and there beliefs of the story , the original iron fist who is now king of the 8th city and hates everything about Kun Lun is the one telling the story so it would make sense for him to change it to make himself look better and Kun Lun look bad. Another thing bothers me is if Davos still has his right hand I know he used crane mothers power to shape a hand out of her chi you even see this when he spars with his father but in other issues such as immortal iron fist 22 when he is in Danny's place and delivers his fathers message he has his hand.

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