Drunken Syle

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Has Iron Fist ever used drunken style martial arts?

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He used it in Thunderbolts #137, I think. It was in a fight against Mr. X.

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@Night Thrasher: 
the writers of Iron Fist use generic and mystical sounding names to name their
combat techniques 
Iron Fist doesn't just use one style anymore as I understand he is a jack of all trades, master of none

here's a sample of the many styles he has integrated into his combat scenes
"golden star gouge into Strike of the silkworm's tooth, into burning dove chop,
palm of forty sorrows, Tiger scratch (2nd stance), Drunken Wasp sting,
Good fortune thunder kick, Brooklyn headbutt"
 from Immortal Iron Fist #5 page 8
How Brubaker and Fraction describe it:
 "My name is Daniel Rand...and my arsenal of kung fu is deep.
I pray to God...that it will be enough."
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I dunno, but he should!

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I'd love to see Iron Fist get drunk out of his mind and then beat up a bunch of ninjas. That'd be amazing. It'd be like reading a comic of Legend of The Drunken Master, but without Jackie Chan (unfortunately).

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@iLLituracy said:
" He used it in Thunderbolts #137, I think. It was in a fight against Mr. X. "

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