Any chance Iron Fist would be making into kung manhua adaption?

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Those who don't know what manhua is, manhua is a chinese comic book usually martial arts orientated. The artists I have in mind would be Andy Seto, Tony Wong, or Wing Shing Ma.

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So no thoughts at all?

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As a kung fu based series it could translate into a manga or manhua more easily than others... But I'm still conflicted over X-Men: Misfits.  I'm not sure there's a need to 're-imagine' Western characters for an Oriental market.
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@xerox-kitty: I can see your point there. I've never read X-men Misfits but I heard it's like a bad fanfiction.
I've had an interest in kung fu comics and I thought how it would be like if Iron Fist was translated into it but like you said, no point into it.
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I entered a contest at the comic shop I go to when that last Big Hero 6 series started. It was to get art of any Marvel character done by David Nakayama, I wanted a pic of Iron Fist. Sadly, I only came in 2nd place and just got a pretty cool variant of issue 1. But yeah, I would love to see an Iron Fist and/or Heroes for Hire in manhua.   


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