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Secundae of House Dexter

Born from a member of The First of House Dexter and a mortal, Iress is considered to be a Secundae among her people. This gives her less status than first-born members of the First. Her name is derived from the word repressed and is supposed to govern her personality. This seems like an accurate description as she tends to be reserved and hold her emotions in until she becomes extremely angry. She along with 99 other people were abducted by the Negation empire in order to experiment on them and test their limits. Little else known of her life before she was abducted by the Negation, save for the fact that she was a minor member of House Dexter. Iress eventually comes to greatly dislike the demi-goddess Evinlea, due to her arrogant attitude, even though both are members of the same race. Evinlea also consistently calls her "half-blood" through out the series. Iress is eventually injured in a fight when Envinlea convinces a Negation general to shoot her instead of Evinlea herself. Because of this, Iress leaves a scar on her face rather than allowing it to heal until Evinlea apologies for her behavior, although she never does. After Iress and the other fugitives faced Charons Ligis-Bearers, she went with the group led by Mercer Drake to find a planet to hide on, after the death of Gammid, giving up hope of ever returning home. However she was among the group who was brought to fight in the war against the Negation, although this issue was never released due to the sudden cancellation of the series after Crossgen filed for bankruptcy.

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