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Kyle visits a remote world of barbaric splendor, intending to make amends for the destruction they believe he caused. But Kyle finds himself confronted by drawn swords and a very angry princess! And the cosmic being who's been watching from the wings makes his move!

Kyle Rayner: Warlord!

The Monitors discuss the fate of Kyle Rayner, and can't come to a conclusion on if it is better for him to live or die. One points out it might be a moot issue as Kyle is flying to Alytt and may not be alive much longer anyway.

On planet Alytt, Kyle learns of Ariana's fate to battle the Kingdom of Hiddai's champion and offers to take her place. Kyle and Ariana are then chained up until the arrival of Viceroy Urchak, the leader of the Hiddai. Urchak excepts Kyle as the champion and knocks him out.

When Kyle awakes he is in the Arena awaiting to fight the Champion who turns out to be a 12 foot tall multi-armed beast. Kyle defeats the monster but refuses to kill him, this causes the Viceroy to get upset but then Kyle uses the power of Ion to put him in his place.

Back in Ariana's home kingdom of Agaron, Ariana tries to give herself to Kyle physically but Guy Gardner shows up unexpectedly and tells Kyle he needs to go to Earth, his mom is sick and it is not looking good.

On Oa, the Guardians try to get answers out of Nero, but learn his mind has been wiped and they can't discover who is out to destroy them.

Meanwhile in California, two boys have found a Green Lantern that begins to glow.

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