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Green Lantern and Ion - side-by-side against one of their greatest foes! With the source of Kyle's strange behavior finally revealed, how will our heroes deal with the consequences? Meanwhile, on Earth, the outcome of one of Ion's recent battles has unexpected repercussions for Kyle's new friends.

Earth- Marrissa finds Tarra Karn's space ship and Tarra finds Marrissa.

Outer Space- Hal Jordon is faced with a beaten and confused Nero. When Hal tries to question Nero he lashes out and overpowers Hal. That is when Kyle Rayner shows up and helps Hal. The pair seem to be able to fight back Nero, but he lashes out again and knocks Hal for a loop. Kyle gets in close and over powers Nero once again but when he asks Nero questions Nero just mumbles. When Hal comes to he tells Kyle that the Guardians might have answers to what Nero was up to and that the Guardians forbade any Lantern from helping Kyle. Kyle then heads to Oa and Hal to Earth.

Oa- The guardians prepare for Kyle's arrival.

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