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An astonishing issue guest-starring Green Lantern! His power seemingly out of control, Kyle Rayner has retreated from the universe. But, when Hal Jordan arrives with questions, the result is a battle royal that will reveal just how powerful Kyle has truly become!

Sector 0937, Allistra- Kyle Rayner is destroying the Khund army, and would keep on destroying them but is stopped by Hal Jordon.

Oa- The Guardians of the Universe are still arguing over the fate of the Torch-Bearing. Some what to tell him about his true destiny. Others believe if he is too weak to find it himself then he wasn't worthy of the power anyway.

Sector 0937- Hal continues to talk to Kyle but Kyle doesn't seem to recognize his friend. Kyle talks about feeling like two people and seems calm, until Hal suggests he goes to Oa. Kyle freaks out and attacks Hal again. It takes all of Hal's power to subdue Kyle and when he tries to scan Kyle with his ring he learns that it is really Nero in disguise.

Mogo- Kyle emerges from a green egg deep inside Mogo.

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