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Torn between the way he's been and the strange force he seems to be becoming, Kyle Rayner is drawn to the one Green Lantern who may be able to help him find his way: Mogo, the planet-sized emerald warrior! Will Kyle find what he needs, or is he in a world of trouble?

Will Kyle find the answer he needs from Mogo, or is he in a world of trouble?

Oa- Kilowog, disobeying orders contacts Hal Jordon and asks him to check on Kyle Rayner, after hearing some mysterious actions on Kyle's part.

Sector 2261.142.M, Mogo- Kyle wakes up and sees a vision of Alex, who tells that this vision is about him not her. Then Donna Troy comes to Kyle and tells him he is just changing much like she did, when she came back from the dead. Then Jade appears and tells Kyle that the Starheart is part of him now and to except it. Then Major Force appears and tries to attack Kyle but he is not afraid and Major Force crumbles. Kyle then takes off his ring and uses the power of Ion to power-up.

Sector 3503- Hal Jordon on the trail of Kyle, meets Ariana who still holds a grudge for what Kyle did earlier.

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