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Writer Ron Marz (GREEN LANTERN) and artist Greg Tocchini (1602: New World, Thor: Son of Asgard) continue the new adventures of Kyle Rayner! Will Kyle survive an encounter with the Thanagarian bounty hunter sent to hunt him down? And, why have the Guardians of the Universe forbidden all Green Lanterns from coming to Ion's aide?

A Thanagarian bounty hunter wants Kyle to pay for his crimes - but will his power as Ion pose a larger treat?

Oa- Soranik Natu treats Garmin Vid for his injures recieved by Kyle Rayner, while Kilowog, Torquemada and other Green Lanterns look on. As Kilowog prepares to fly off and talk to Kyle about what he did to Garmin Vid, he is stopped by the Guardians who forbid any Lantern from interfering with what Kyle is doing. Kilowog gets angry but obeys the Guardian's orders.

Earth- Kyle battles Tarra Karn, a bounty hunter, who has been hunting Kyle for the murder of the population of a planet in the Quinilon System. When Kyle learns why she is hunting him he snaps and almost kills her, but stops himself. He disarms the bounty hunter then flies off world to check her story.

Sector 3521- Kyle sees the damage he supposedly did earlier and freaks out again.

Sector 3503- Ariana is fighting a gladiator, when Kyle crash lands destroying the arena killing everyone but Ariana. When she approaches him, Kyle seems confused and aggressive. Before he can hurt Ariana green light erupts from his chest and Kyle flies into space begging for help. While floating in space he comes in contact with Mogo.

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