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Kyle continues to fight Grayven. After getting distracted by a message from Guy about his mother's poor condition, Grayven was able to get a hold of Kyle from behind. He has his hands wrapped around his neck and Kyle cannot break free. Grayven mentions that his friends will be happy with one less obstacle once Kyle is dead. It seems Grayven has forgotten about Donna Troy as she smashes him from behind. All Kyle knows is he needs to get back to Earth now. His message from Guy got cut off. He knows Grayven is somehow involved and demands to know what's happening to his mother. Kyle's not going to stand for someone threatening his mother again. He says he'll do anything to prevent going through that again.

As Kyle grabs hold of Grayven and asks him again, Grayven just smiles at him. Kyle told him he gave him a chance. His hands grab hold of Grayven's head on either side and his hands begin to glow brighter and brighter. Grayven begs him to stop as there is a big blast. Grayven is out. Donna asks Kyle if he's dead and he responds that he doesn't know or care. He puts him in an energy bubble and sends him off to the Guardians.

Donna and Kyle begin to return to Earth when a Monitor appears before them. The Monitor says that Kyle poses a "grave danger" and should be destroyed along with the other anomalies. As he prepares to blast Kyle, Kyle shoots first. The monitor appears to have been vaporized but has been pulled back to the other Monitors. They tell him this is not the time to react. When that time comes, they will act together.

Kyle and Donna arrive at his mother's hospital room. Guy, Kilowog, and Soranik are there. Guy tells him that everyone did everything that they could. Kyle's mom is dead. As Donna embraces him, trying to offer some comfort, Kyle realizes that it doesn't have to be this way. He can fix things. Using his power, he reanimates his mom. As she comes to and talks to him, she realizes something isn't right. She tells him he needs to accept what has happened and that she loves him. Kyle removes the power as she asks and she crumples into his arms.

At the funeral, Kyle thinks about everything that had to be done, all the preparations. The man claiming to be his father never showed. He figures that's a good thing. He now has to figure out what to do with her possessions and sell her house. Eventually he finds himself alone.

Back at the artists' retreat, his friends try to console them in their way. As he sits in his studio, his neighbor leaves a painting she did for him. A single rose with the words, "So sorry for your loss." Kyle is still distraught with all that has happened. He has painted pictures of all the women in his life that he has lost: Alex, Donna, Jade, and his mother. He cannot help but feel that with everything he has recently gone through, it's not over yet.

Out in the far reaches of space, five yellow rings fly together then split apart, searching for their new bearers. The caption says: "To be continued this summer in Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special."

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