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The 'Twilight' of Ion begins as Kyle is torn between a menace from the New Gods and a personal tragedy back home. The clock is ticking for Kyle to discover place in the universe.

Inside The Bleed- Kyle Rayner is floating around the Bleed after being sent there by The Atom and The Flash, of the Tangent Universe. There he finds David and Josh Holliday two brother who where sucked into The Bleed when The Flash and The Atom escaped. Soon the three are attacked by some Daemonities and are rescued by Captain Atom. The Captain and Kyle talk about how he got there and the existence of other parallel universes and the Monitors.

Kyle discovers how to free himself and the brothers by trading places with the Tangent heroes. And after getting free of the Bleed Kyle takes the Green Lantern's lantern to Oa and gives it to Guy Gardner for safe keeping.

Kyle then goes to see the Guardians who send him to Sector- 3388 to see to a rift in reality. There Kyle finds a bunch of dead Qwardian Weoponers and Donna Troy.

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