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Following the events of INFINITE CRISIS and the RANN/THANAGAR WAR SPECIAL, writer Ron Marz (GREEN LANTERN) returns to the character he created, giving Kyle Rayner an entirely new lease on life in a new ongoing series with art by rising star Greg Tocchini (1602: New World, Thor: Son of Asgard)! A distraught Kyle Rayner has emerged one year later, transformed with abilities that may surpass those of any Green Lantern ever. So beware his power...because his might may not be on the side of right.

Sector 3521- Garmin Vid and Torquemada are checking on a fleet that was suppose to be evacuating an entire population of Quinilon before their sun burnt out but instead the Green Lanterns find the fleet destroyed and Kyle Rayner muttering to himself. When they try to confront him Kyle freaks out and nearly kills the pair of Lanterns, then flies off ranting, "I didn't ask for any of this!"

Earth- Kyle wakes from a nightmare, and discovers he had falling asleep painting, and doesn't remember finishing the painting in front of him. The painting is that of lighthouse in a dark black fog. He is then approached by Schuyler, the head art teacher of the Kaaterskill's Notch, a retreat for artists. Schuyler makes some critics of Kyle's latest painting and recommends that Kyle go for a walk with him.

Along the way the pair run into the newest member of the Notch, Marissa Rochelle. Kyle tries to flirt with her but she ignores him and leaves him standing with his hand out like a fool. Schuyler then explains to Kyle that Marissa won't talk to anyone. Schuyler then talk about Kyle's job and about why he came to the Notch.

Oa- The Guardian discuss how it maybe too late to save their torch-bearer from himself. Meanwhile Kilowog tries to train a new recuit but is interrupted when Torquemada crash lands on Oa with a broken Garmin Vid, muttering "something... is terribly wrong..."

Earth- Kyle is drawing a waterfall outside of the Notch when he is attacked by Tarra Karn.

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