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Native of the planet Betrassus, Iolande was born into the ruling house of Betra and acted as princess. The future of her royal bloodline was to be led by her brothers, Stentar and Ragnar. However, Ragnar's interest was always consumed with dreams of joining the Green Lantern Corps. Iolande did not concern herself much with either matters of ruling or of dreams of a life beyond her home planet.


Princess Iolande's first appearance was in Green Lantern Corps #1 (2006) and was created by Dave Gibbons and Patrick Gleason.

Character Evolution

As a secondary character, Iolande's character evolution has often been as a supplement to others', specifically her partner Soranik Natu. As such she has been portrayed as necessary throughout the series to give Soranik depth and not as much herself. Thus at times she is portrayed as impulsive and used to a life of privilege. As she developed though her relationship with Soranik becomes that more of a friend, even consoling her at times or acting as a sounding board for personal problems. Despite her relative inexperience, she has proved herself to be a capable member of the Corps, having lived through such events as the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night.

Major Story Arcs

Iolande's first major story arc is the one in which she is introduced. Soranik Natu and Myrrt are called to Betrassus after the royal family is attacked by golden androids. This led to the death of Myrrt , which at the time seemed to be inadvertant but was in fact a planned deception so that Ragnar would be able to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Despite his deception both Soranik and Guy Gardner discovered the truth about his actions and after having him teleported to Oa under the false auspices of granting him membership he was tried and found guilty, though returned to Betrassus as he had diplomatic immunity. Regardless the decision was made that he had brought shame on the royal household, and as the charge amounted to treason, he was sentenced to death. Soranik who had been given Myyrt's ring to give to a successor when she knew it was ready, determined that before his death that the ring was meant for Iolande. Iolande is immediately summoned to Oa for training where her being habituated to a royal life of privilege makes her a difficult recruit to deal with for Corps drill sergeant Kilowog.

Her first deployed mission was as escort to Kilowog who escorted her personally to Korugar to be introduced formally as the new partner of Soranik (though both knew this would occur if she passed her training.) Soranik was in the midst of being attacked by the authorities on Korugar, still hesitant over the role of a Green Lantern on the planet after Sinestro's brutal rule. This was an early point of friction between the two as Iolande and Soranik clashed over the Soranik's role on Korugar, though they later reached an agreement with Iolande admitting to have been too presumptuous while Natu said she should set a better example with her own behavior.

In the lead up of events to the Sinestro Corps War, the two are sent to a mining colony to investigate activity byt the Children of the White Lobe. The two discover that the Children of the White Lobe have been mining a highly explosive material which they can ignite telepathically. After completion of the mission she receives word that her father is dying, and she returns to Betrassus to be with him in his final hours. He demands that Iolande revoke her status as Corps Member and rule the planet. Natu arrives and offers medical help, but it is unsuccessful. Iolande blames her for her failure. The two part ways under these tense conditions, with the implication that Iolande may not return to active duty. Although she was absent for the first parts of the war, she is later seen in New York City alongside fellow Corps members and Earth's heroes battling Superboy-Prime and the Anti-Monitor. She subsequently chooses to balance her role as monarch with that of Green Lantern Corps member, though with the latter being given more importance.

During the events of the story arc Ring Quest, Iolande and Soranik along with Lanterns from other sectors (Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Arisia, Sodam Yat, Bzzd, Isamot Kol, and Vath Sarn) are assigned the task of tracking down the missing or stray Sinestro Corps Rings. After Arisia and Sodam fail to check in they track them to the planet where the Black Mercy originates from and where Mongul is operating with his own rings and is modifying the mercies to induce fear, not bliss. Iolande is exposed to one of these and her fear is revealed to be failing at both roles. Matris Ater Clementia (the sentient being that created the black mercies) reveals herself to not be malevolent, rather she created the black mercies as a form of granting some solace to a group of marooned space explorers. She thus releases the Corps members who subsequently attack and defeat Mongul.

Thereafter Iolande only appeared occasionally although when Soranik found out that she was Sinestro's daughter she chose to confide in her, proving to a degree that the two had moved past their differences and had become closer friends. During the Blackest night crossover Iolande is drawn into action during the assault on Oa in the attempt by the Black Lantern Corps to destroy the Central Power Battery. After successfully stopping the attack she and Soranik defend the injured members of the Corps in the infirmary from Black Lantern Corps members who are intent on murdering them and reanimating them with black power rings. Soranik and Iolande fend them off and while Soranik goes to aid Kyle in his battle against Jade, Iolande transports the remaining wounded all at once to safety on Mogo.

After the start of The New 52, not much of Iolande's story has changed. During the story arc Fearsome, Iolande can be seen on one of Salaak's monitors.

Corps Membership Details

Status: Active

Space Sector: 1417

Sector Partner: Soranik Natu

Homeworld: Betrassus

Predecessor: Myrrt

Successor: Inapplicable

Powers and Abilities

As a member of the Green Lantern Corops Iolande wields a green power ring. Among many other abilities this gives her the ability to fly, survive in outer space and create hard light constructs.

In Other Media


Iolande in the animated series

Iolande appears in the Green Lantern: The Animated Series episode "Heir Apparent." In the series, she is the young queen of Betrassus rather than a princess. During the course of her debut episode, Iolande gains her ring after her brother Ragnar murders Dulok, the planet's previous Green Lantern. Though she becomes a full-fledged Green Lantern, Iolande turns down Hal Jordan's offer to travel with his crew, stating that protecting her home world is her highest priority.

She returns in "Regime Change," where Ragnar imprisons her after gaining possession of a Red Lantern Ring. Hal and the others free Iolande, and toghether they defeat Ragnar again.

She was voiced by Tara Strong.


Iolande makes a cameo appearance in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

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