question about how powerful sue is......

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how powerful is sue really? i normally go to the battle boards and it seems that sue takes alot of battles. what can she do? what has she done? im wondering because when i think of her all i think of is invisible then force fields and thats it but i KNOW im missing something...thanks in advance

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She can do jut about anything with those fields but some of the stuff the battles post I think are totaly out of charachter.  I could be wrong since I don't read that much anymore.  I think it's kinda like GL's ring, whatever she can imangine(-minus the moving parts I would think), but I think she has "flown" with them.
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Sue can construct invisible will-powered constructs as well as turn herself, a large number of people, or whole buildings/ areas invisible. It was theorized by Nathaniel Richards that Susan's powers originate from Hyperspace and for that reason they are limitless. Her only real limitation is her own imagination.

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She is considered to be the most powerful of the Fantastic Four, as her force-fields are crazy strong and durable, plus she has and can do some crazy stuff with them.  In terms of what she has done in battle,  she has sent down an invisible, solid battering ram onto Taskmaster when he hurt Reed, and it took him completely out of battle (even though he is human, he is a crazy bastard and has been through a shit load).  She can do a lot more than that, too.

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So can she do all the same things as a skilled telekinetic?

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everyone just says she can expand a force field inside someones body in every battle thread... kinda boring

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she's VERY powerful! 
she's stopped a tidal wave, lifted a skyscraper out of concrete, held back Clor while sheilding the heroes who had amassed to fight him 
I mean, she was picked to be Captain Universe, for god's sake  
she gave birth to history's most powerful mutant 
she's amazing

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@mighty dude:
jsut about 
she can levitate herself and others even at extreme masses, cause things to expand or contract, sheild from attacks (even from Galactus' power), cause concussive force blasts, battering rams, create tangible objects and effect ambient flows of energy 
and regarding her level of power overall: she is the only other being on earth (besides Thor) to crack the shell of a celestial with her powers!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sue = respect 
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I've seen Dr. Doom himself say that she is the most powerful member of the FF. Compliments from Doom are rare, and he would not say such a thing unless he meant it.

Namor, who is about the most arrogant you can be and still be considered a hero, respects and even admires her.

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The invisible forcefields take the form of whatever she imagines. They are powered by hyperspace. Basically, she is the most powerful earth born hero in existence and has the potential to defeat Celestials. Her powers are almost better than telekinesis because her forcefields, even without much concentration, are almost impossible to penetrate.

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Her powers are psionic it is also theorized that her telekinetic like abilities are bc of this mental ability of psionics as well the cause of her force concusive blast which might be telekinesis but they must really reveal and state that in some issue and is also supposed that her psionic abilities help her grasp control and manipulate light in the em spectrum and also if its from hyperspace be able to grab the energy mentally from hyperspace or it could be psionic energy purely creating her force fields

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