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Will we ever see the Malice persona of Susan Strorm again????
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   okay for those who are not aquainted with the Malice persona this is Sue as Malice smaking the sh**** out of She-Hulk
#3 Posted by jloneblackheart (6014 posts) - - Show Bio

It's possible. One of the four is about to die as far as we can tell, maybe it will push her over the edge, provided she isn't the one who dies. 

#4 Posted by ComicMan24 (147494 posts) - - Show Bio

Wasn't the Malice personality destroyed? Could she come back?

#5 Posted by Jake Fury (21456 posts) - - Show Bio

The Malice that possessed Sue and Polaris were two separate entities, right?
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@Jake Fury said:
" The Malice that possessed Sue and Polaris were two separate entities, right? "
Polaris was possessed, I believe in Sue's case, it was an alternate personality or at least that's what her page and the comments in this thread tells me
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Yup its an alternate personality.  It was suposedly born of all the things Sue represses being the perfect wife, mother, sister etc.  By the time Reed Richards died Sue was starting to emerge from the shadows of the other three characters in  Fantastic Four, the Malice personality was explored during this and they also explored how her powers are linked to the Hyperspace and the powers of the Celestial, but then came Onslought and heroes return and Sue went back to being the same mild mannered woman she has allways been.  Oh well it was the dacade of the Bad Girs and Sue had her Bad Girl fase....It was kinda cool though, seeing a more agresinve Sue, conjuring invisible swords and daggers instead of just using her power defensively.

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One of the very few times that I have ever been upset with the FF Bullpen re: Sue, is when they turned her into Malice. I trust that this never happens again. Rather, I wish that either Reed or Ben would turn evil.

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I would love to see Sue back in that outfit

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