Her powers

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She can use her powers to bend light and become invisible. I have also seen a scan of her trapping light in a force field ... so in theory could use a form of photokinesis and manipulate light. And in theory she could stop light attacks. And, if she can make invisible things visible, can she turn her force fields visible?? ... What do you thinK?

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@Veitha: she cant make invisible things visible. and she doesnt have photokinesis. she just uses force fields creatively.

#3 Posted by Veitha (3747 posts) - - Show Bio

@JohnnyWalker: Yes she can make invisible things visible. She can bend light, so she should have a low level of light manipulation

#4 Posted by JohnnyWalker (825 posts) - - Show Bio

@Veitha: there is a difference between manipulating light and redirecting light. plus ss has the same powers as her so it should be hard for her to manipulate the his force field. she doesnt have photokinesis.

#5 Posted by Thinkagain (47 posts) - - Show Bio

I think the extend of her powers in that area is limited to bending light, I don't think she can do more then that. The energy she uses to bend light can be used to reveal something invisible by disrupting the process with her own energy or using said enrgy to make something invisible. But that's her limit thus far.

#6 Posted by Excella (343 posts) - - Show Bio

She can produce light by bending them with her force fields, CitizenBane has a scan depicting so. She also has this ability where she can cancel out other's force field's not sure if it's consistent though. But she's done so to Doom.

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