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When a mysterious figure, clad in a colorful costume but apparently having no face, began a campaignof terror in Coast City, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) found himself summoned to the laboratory of Professor Martin Phillips. The soft spoken scientist explained that he was somehow responsible for this faceless menace, having brought it forth from his own subconscious through some form of mind over matter.

Though skeptical at first, Green Lantern used his power ring to prove the theory correct, and found himself face to face with a being of pure energy that called itself the Invisible Destroyer. Taunting Green Lantern, the Invisible Destroyer revealed that it fed on radiation, growing stronger and more unstoppable with each exposure. Thus, the faceless fiend said it intended to set off a nuclear explosion by the California coast to absorb enough energy to make itself invincible. Then it disappeared before Green Lantern had chance to stop it.

Tracking the Invisible Destroyer to its lair, Green Lantern arrived instants too late as the faceless menace set off the promised explosion. Reacting immediately, Green Lantern used his power ring to reduce the explosion to the size of a small firecracker - rendering it harmless and destroying the destroyer's plans. Furious, the faceless destroyer attacked Green Lantern with energy bolts from his fingertips. However, Green Lantern used his ring to create a beam of anti-matter energy, which, when it met the Destroyer's energy bolts caused a resulting explosion that saw the faceless fiend disappear.

He has been seen at The House, Roulette's fight club. It is unknown if Professor Martin Phillips has brought the Invisible Destroyer back through his subconsciousness or if someone new has stolen the technology and is using it to his own ends.

Created by Joe Giella.

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