Where does Invincible live

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Does anyone know where Mark Grayson lives?

The only locations mentioned that I noticed were Lakeside Mall (where one of the human bombs is) and Upstate University.

I'm just wondering if we know what school he goes to, and whether his school and that burger joint are all in the same town.

The reason I'm interested is cause if we know then I'd think to make a wiki page for that location.

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I'm not sure Kirkman wanted a certain town in this comic,,, seeing as how Invincible is always saving the world, and is literally EVERYWHERE ... , but I could be wrong.... I just don't remember anything significant in Mark Graysons home town... I actually stopped reading this comic, because it had no foundation, Invincible is a character, but he lacks serious depth...

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In the letter pages of an issue he said it was Baltimore, but that they'd never address that in the comic.

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Inside Image comics.

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He lives in Amerika. Obviously. And Amerika is not misspelled.

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