Whats a good jumping on point for Invincible

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So I keep hearing wonderful things about invincible but i notice that it's at like issue 86 or something, so as a new reader to the series when is a good jumping on point. I dont mind if i have to read a few arcs backs but as long as i dont have to spend too long trying to catch up, my stack is already big enough as it is.

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Start from issue #1, no exceptions.

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Ok... That's the best jumping on point for any series. But let's be practical about costs. is there a break or an arc that would be a good time to jump in on it.

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@slapz88: Issue #1.... seriously man it's well worth it.

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@slapz88: Issue 1 no joke...

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@cyberninja said:

Start from issue #1, no exceptions.

@azza04 said:

@slapz88: Issue #1.... seriously man it's well worth it.

@difficlus said:

@slapz88: Issue 1 no joke...

I got asked this a few weeks ago and I have to say this was my answer also.
#7 Posted by Kallarkz (3295 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree with the issue 1 statements.

Just about each issue has left me with my mouth open

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#9 Posted by comix christian (84 posts) - - Show Bio

I Also have to say issue 1...I Don't think the first 6-8 issues are that good, but belive me it get's a lot better....I guess if you have to you could skip the first issues, but i woulden't recoment it. Read the whole thing it's great.

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Follow the trades. start at the beginning. it keeps building on itself and references itself later on. Issues like 1-8 are mediocre, but the rest won't make sense without it. I seriously suggest starting with the trades and building from there. trade 1 is like 10 USD

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