What is \hid power Level?

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So like the title says what level is he on i know he not superman level.So i would say he is more at the superboy level when he had his krypto power set.

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I would put him way above superboy level. Especially the dcnu superboy. Invincible has shown that his strength is continuously increasing and the more he exerts himself the stronger he will grow. Also, having his powers not rely on any ener source whatsoever and have no weaknesses besides a virus (that was just all used up) puts him at a better advantage than kryptonians as well. But as far as how is his current strength I would say it is less than superman level ( even though we don't know what that means anymore is since we don't know how strong supes is now) but soon hell be in a position where he would give him a run for his money.

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@Kallarkz: good point about superboyeven though i just started reading invincible i will agree with you as for the whole superman level thing i thinks when useing it i think when useing it in the futre i should metion i am refering to pre-flashpoint supes as for the new supes i think his powers are rougly at the same level but only time will tell. Anyway Do you any idea when the compendium vol 2 will be on its way?

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@Kallarkz: @Z3RO180:

Cant remember what issue it was but it was early on in the series there is a scene with him lifting weights he ask Cecil Stegman how much he is benching Cecil tells him its about 400 tons.

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@Ms. Omega: yea i remember reading that in the compendium.

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He's easily benching 400 tons and grows hundreds of times after that...

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