Oliver Graysons Skin?

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so i have been readingt he comendium of invincible and i have just got to the bit were Oliver is with his tuter so from when he was a baby to the pouint i am at he has puple skin but when i look at th gallery on comic vine there a pic tures of him with the same skin tone as mark so i was woundering if that changes do his powers or if its a holografic suit kind of thing?

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His purple skin tone fades more and more as he grows older, at the point where you are now you should already be abel to see that it has changed a lot since he first showed up.

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@comix christian: thanks for the answer dude.

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No problem

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From what I remember Omniman saying their DNA is so dominant it makes anything they breed with become pure dna like theirs. That is why even though Mark is a hybrid half human half viltruimite (probably hacked that bad) He will eventually be like just like most of his kind because the dna he has is so strong, same with oliver

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