Invincible respect thread

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       Allright this is the respect thread for the al awesome INVINCIBLE.  So that means you must respect him.  If you do not like INVINCIBLE then dont get on this respect thread.  Oh and one more thing INVINCIBLE is the best superhero ever!!!!!!!  (BESIDES RORSCHACH)

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This is the equivalent of an appreciation thread, which is a bit useless don't you think?

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You stink mr. wilson.:)

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jking broskie.  I like Invincible.

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I knew it Yea.

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AWesome respecct thread rorschach.

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*googles "Invincible Respect thread*

*is happy to see the CV one is the first link*


*struck by a mountain of disappointment*

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@k4tzm4n: CadenceV2 has tons of good Invincible scans. You could ask him for some spoiler-free ones.

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He got raped.... i think i might use this as an answer for everything. Anyways it takes alot of will power to get raped and continue on with what you were doing.

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