Invincible: Have You Read This?

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There's certain books I only read in trade. Walking Dead is one of those books. However, more recently, I finally got the courage (because comics scare me) to pick up Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 1, and I was thoroughly impressed, even though I jumped on the bandwagon WAY TOO late. I can't believe it took me THIS LONG to pick this book up! Invincible is about a teenage boy (whose super-hero name is Invincible) who discovers he has super-powers. His father, Omni-Man, is the world's protector, and Invincible decides to follow in his father's footsteps and he also becomes a super-hero. This book begins as a satire of the DC/Marvel universe, but it really starts to come into its own.  
How good is this book? 
I love reading comics, but usually I wait a month or two before buying sequential trades to try and catch up. With Invincible, halfway through reading this first collection, I picked up volumes 2-4, and I'm prepared now to read volume 5 coming out in the next couple of weeks. It's a more humorous look at the life of a super-hero, and how a teenager deals with the real world, while also trying to save the world. Should he go to college? Can he sustain a relationship? Why is this alien with one eye always coming to Earth? It's one of the most fun super-hero books I have ever read. The art is consistent throughout the book and so is the writing. I'd say this is the best that Image Comics has to offer, but again... Walking Dead beats it out. 
Why go Ultimate Collection? 
It's over-sized and in hardcover. I love a good over-sized comic, well that's as long as the comic doesn't suck, but this is completely engrossing. I read four volumes in a week (roughly 50 issues), and I couldn't put the book down, and it's nice when the book is over-sized, so I don't strain my eyes on the words. One of the best parts is all the extra stuff in the back of the book: Pencils and inks for certain pages, character designs, convention sketches, anything and everything the Invincible team could scrape off the cutting room floor. If you're still not interested, how about this... You can find each volume on Amazon for $23 (plus shipping). 
This book is definitely worth your buck, if you're interested. It has an amazing artist and writer on board this book, and you will not be disappointed. It's a whole new universe with a bunch of new character, so you won't be confused with what's going on, which can happen quite a bit in some other hero books. For my money, it's one of the best super-hero books currently on the market, and I can not wait until the next volume comes out in the next couple of weeks.
Have you read this book? Do you think an Ultimate Collection like this is worth the money?
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Invincible is one of my favorite comics. It has the serial urgency of Kirkman's Walking Dead without being depressing every other issue. Like Spider-man did for kids in the 60's, Invincible does a great job of projecting the a superhero fantasy, but for the modern age.

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I don't have the Ultimate Collection, just the individual issues, but a friend of mine does have the Ultimate Collection and they're great.  Invincible is one of my favorite books.  It's a shame that a majority of my favorites are from companies outside of the big 2.

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@danhimself said:
"It's a shame that a majority of my favorites are from companies outside of the big 2. "
No it's not.
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I love Invincible. I started a bit late also (somewhere after the 5th or 6th trade) and I've been buying the trades since. There are 11 of them out now, stopping at issue 59 right before the Invincible War which kinda sucks because Kirkman is slow as hell on trades and I've been wanting to keep going with Invincible for quite a while now! If you're just getting into Invincible I would recommend these Ultimate Collections -- It's WAY cheaper than the trades and they do feel awesome to read (I had a look through one at my local shop when the first one came out) and the series itself is great.

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It's probably one of my favorite comics going right now,  I seriously can't wait for the next arc (my mind is blanking on what it is called) because it is probably going to be really amazing.

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I love me some Invincible. It's my favourite superhero comic on the market right now. It takes a world that we're all familiar with and then makes it fresh, very entertaining and funny while still being a superhero comic. It perfectly balances humour and tragedy, slice-of-life segments and action and it's all done with fantastic freakin' art.
Invincible is greeeeaaaaaaat, in every way.

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Yeah Invincible is really great. I also came on late (read it last summer) but I thought it was totally worthy of all the praise it gets.

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invincible rules !!! 

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i get the invincible collections every year for xmas and i read the whole thing in one day. they are so great!! definitely a must read

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everyone needs to read it !!!!!!!!!

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Invincible has to be one of the best comics  I have ever read

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I also got into this book ridiculously late (and love it, obviously). I think I might just grab the 3rd Ultimate Collection instead of books 6 and 7. It only saves me 9 cents, but oversized hardcovers are pretty impossible to resist. Thanks for pointing them out, IE.

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@Korg: you also get a bunch of great sketches, commentary, and other stuff in the back of each collection
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It is one of the better comics.
I wouldnt say its better than and DC or Marvel comics... its just different.
Equally great.
And  definitely one of my favorites.

#15 Posted by Korg (11351 posts) - - Show Bio
@inferiorego said:
" @Korg: you also get a bunch of great sketches, commentary, and other stuff in the back of each collection "
That's part of what makes them impossible to resist.
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Mwahaahahaha!!!! inferiorego has finally become a slave to the sheer awesomeness known as Invincible!

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Invincible is actually my two favorite American comics. love it.

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@JD907 said:

Mwahaahahaha!!!! inferiorego has finally become a slave to the sheer awesomeness known as Invincible!

and it only took years of nagging from friends
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Yes, yes I have. I love Invincible! Kirkman channels the early Lee/Ditko Spider-Man stories, yet makes them fresh enough for today's comic readers. Ottley's art blows me away as well. I feel like the big two have moved far away from telling fun superhero comics, so I'm really glad that comics like Invincible are out there.    

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Probably the best super hero comic today that's not mainstream.  After reading it all, you feel even more cooler with how much f'n knowledge you come out of it with.  INVINCIBLE is law as far as a super hero's story goes. 
What a movie or TV show it could be.
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I have all four of the ultimate collection

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About a month ago i was picking up some runaways trades from the library and i saw this huge first volume of invincible. i figured why not, so i checked it out. Easily the best decision ive made so far this year. They take the ordinary concept of teenage superhero and make it EXTRAORDINARY. At wondercon people were going nuts looking for any Invincible in the 50% off trade bins. I've got Vol.2 on my reserve list at the library. Gettin' that FASHO.

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@skaarason said:
" everyone needs to read it !!!!!!!!! "
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when i first saw invincible, i didnt recognize kirkmans name as the god behind the short lived Tech Jacket. So  when i finally started reading. i had to buy the first 9 tpb's to catch up.
 Invincible is one of the greatest comics to ever exist imo, and i am willing to buy almost anything kirkman does with it (the exception being the poorly dubbed Motion comic.) 
 Most of the sketched in over sized have been shown elsewhere before, but if oversize is your cup of tea, more power to you. But i would still suggest buying the tpbs first and trading them out for OS'ed as they come, because one of the sexiest things about Kirkman/Ottley/Walker work is watching the splendid art evolve as it goes.

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Invincible is the only comic I have to go and get on the week it comes out.  No other comic builds up the excitement like invincible, for me.

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I read the first fifty issues and loved most of it. A few sketchy spots, but its easy to overlook them with the awesomeness of the rest of the book. Might start picking it up again.
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Invincible is by far the best superhero comic out on the shelves today...nuff said.

#28 Posted by inferiorego (23357 posts) - - Show Bio
@bdog said:
" Invincible is by far the best superhero comic out on the shelves today...nuff said. "
I hate to say this but... I agree.
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Septemer 2008 was the first time i even heard of this book on the net cause their was a rumour that they were making a film, the next week i bought the first volume and have picked up everything and anything that ties into it or has Kirkman's name on it.
Invincible too awesome for words but if I had to describe it I'd say it was awesome.

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@inferiorego: Seems I jumped on this topic AND the Invincible bandwagon too late... xD 
But yeah, I did the same as you. I'd heard good things about it from guys on this site but never actually got around to picking it up. Then, after picking up a grab bag from my local comic store, I found the one-shot "Invincible Returns" inside. Gave it a read and it was the best grab-bag-comic of the month, by far. 
So I looked into picking up the trades and found a cheap deal online for this Ultimate Collection. So I ordered it. First Image product I ever purposely bought and first trade I ever ordered online. When it arrived, in a big ol' cardboard box, I was excited as hell. Then I opened it. It was so damn shiny... Opened it up and, to be totally honest, I was underwhelmed by the art. The colours were great, but Cory's art didn't wow me too much... Still, after the first issue, I got used to it. 
I agree with your comment of this being the most fun superhero comic around. Also, maybe it's just because I'm an idiot, but I KNEW the truth about Omni-man before reading this. Yet somehow Kirkman convinced me otherwise and when the big twist came at the end of issue... 7, was it? With the Guardians of the Globe? Yeah, I genuinely didn't see that coming, LOL 
Anyway, once I've eventually caught up I'm definitely going to start collecting this properly. And definitely recommend it to anyone who reads comics.
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@-Eclipse-:  i felt the same way about the art at first but the when Ottly jumps it just got a whole lot better especially the newer stuff, if you haven't seen it check out his site or the image previews
#32 Posted by -Eclipse- (7650 posts) - - Show Bio
@RedK: Oh, I have, Ottley is amazing. Still, Walker improved through the series too. But Ryan is just in another league and is apparently better with deadlines, lol, plus I really love that random picture he drew of Mark and his dad in a possible future... Hold on, got an un-inked copy somewhere...  

#33 Posted by RedK (2541 posts) - - Show Bio
@-Eclipse-:  yea that was cool, his work is cool, check out his drawing of Superboy it's amazing like how he done his jacket
#34 Posted by Primmaster64 (21663 posts) - - Show Bio
@RedK said:
" @-Eclipse-:  yea that was cool, his work is cool, check out his drawing of Superboy it's amazing like how he done his jacket "
Yeah I saw that at his devianart
#35 Posted by -Eclipse- (7650 posts) - - Show Bio
@RedK: Check out his deviantart page, it has way more stuff on it ;P

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