Am I missing something here ?

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Hi folks, 
I'm reading Invincible in trade form and something about #13, chapter 6 (which is Invincible Returns #1) made me feel like I was missing some story element.  

I've skimmed through the book again, trying to find it but with no luck. Is it just something they decided to do in order to fill people who might have missed some info or did Mark actually learned all of this ? 
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yea he learned about it, think during the time he was on the mantis world and when Alan and Nolan escaped from prison

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yeah, but it was only shown in the same trade that they were hunting for those things.

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Mark learned all this in Invincible Returns when Allen and his father came to earth but they skipped the talk he had with them in the issue and then Mark goes on to tell Eve about the Viltrumites. It is pretty confusing seeing Mark's father and Allen come to earth then next thing he's in a resteraunt eating with Eve.

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