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In the Aftermath of the Invincible War, Mark Grayson sits with his injured girlfriend Atom Eve at the local hospital. All over the world, people blame Invincible for the invasion and say he was the one who took innocent lives and caused all of the destruction. Unfortunately, things get worse for Mark when he is later called off by the clean up crew to restore balance and order in the world that has lost almost all hope. While coming out of the hospital, other super hero teams such as Youngblood and Capes Inc. help rebuild bouilding and locate trapped bodies under tons of rubble. While Mark begins to help with the damage control, he is attacked by the angered Powerplex. Powerplex is later taken down by Youngblood and relocated to a secure area. In the end, Cecil and a handful of other fellow heroes gather around in sacure operating base and discuss the situation. Basically, the entire world has been left defencless against any attack either from this planet or thoose outside of it. Most of the Guardians of the Globe have been killed off, retired or badly injured during the war. It was now up to Robot, Brit, Donald, Sampson, Cecil, and now Invincible to restore order to the world by brigning together another super human team. Unfortunetly, Mark declines from the job and sets out to return to help with the damage control. When hours have passed, a balding Viltrumite with a scare on his right eye approaches the scene where Mark stood. The Viltrumite called himself "Conquest" and if Mark resisted him he would be eliminated immediately where he stood. Mark replied that he has been wanted to hit something real hard after his long day of recovering and leaped forward into action against Conquest.

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