The future of TPB collections (I hope)

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Tony mentioned on the last podcast that he has been reading Invincible primarily in the numbered hardcover collected volumes, I was wondering how popular this was among the comic crowd?

I stopped buying comics about 15 years ago, but I love these prestige collected editions of Invincible and the Walking Dead. I get all caught up on stories every year and I get a nice durable book that I can share with interested friends and not fear them ruining it.

It looks like more series are moving in this direction with Chew and Savage Dragon now putting out numbered collected editions, I wish Marvel and DC would move towards this format and stop putting out micro TPBs that aren't numbered and only cover major story arcs. Trying to figure out which books to buy to follow X-Men is an exercise in madness.

And for the love of god, keep them in print, there is so much stuff I see on amazon that is no long available that I would love to read.

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I think once digital becomes more embraced by the audience, singles will start to disappear and more focus will be put on stuff like this.

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@aztek_the_lost: The Walking Dead hardcover edition comes out every year like clockwork, contains 12 issues, costs me $25 and they are numbered, when I started buying them a few years ago, it was easy for me to look and see that 1-3 were already out and I could just buy them and have everything, one coherent story.

Marvel and DC are all over the place, I haven't really seen much that is numbered aside from the DC archive editions that look to be out of print, Marvel had an essential line but it was in black and white on newsprint quality paper.

I did recently get a very nice Swamp Thing hardcover set that I'm working through now.

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