johnkmccubbin91's Invincible Iron Man #524 - The Future Part 4: Armor War review

New World Order

I have really liked this Iron Man series and am hoping the new one will be just as good. It will be hard for Gillen to top Fraction's run and even harder for Land to top Larroca's art which is simply wonderful.

This story continues from previous with J.A.R.V.I.S. telling Pepper that it must protect her cause it loves her. Rhodey then comes in and takes J.A.R.V.I.S. out. When Pepper asks if it is him Rhodey replies says he's Iron Man till Tony's back. After Tony tells Mandarin of there progression he's asked if he was behind the few seconds of the cameras being out. He responds by saying doesn't Mandarin have microphones in his vest, which we find out Tony can take on and off without Mandarin knowing. As Tony is working on the suits for the prisoners joining him in the revolt Resilient find where he is and Pepper tries to get permission for them to go into China. Justine Hammer tells Mandarin that Resilient know where Stark is, and when he tries to blow him up find no success. Tony and the others meanwhile have started there revolution.

Really enjoyed this issue and although the story has been a bit slow overall it looks like it's coming to a brilliant end. I like how we find out that Tony has been one upping Mandarin ever since he's been there and how he has managed to get a few people who would want him dead otherwise on his side.

Final verdict. Brilliant issue and one too buy this week. It is building up to what should be a brilliant battle between Tony and Mandarin and I for one will not be missing it. I would highly recommend this issue and the story so far all be it with a slow start.

Rating: 4/5


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