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Not as it seems 0

This issue starts off with pretty much everything the series was missing in Fear Itself.  Strong characters, a plot that is engaging and even a bit of action.  The duality of the predicament at the beginning was well conceived as well - Tony has just started drinking again (though sober at the moment) but the city of Dubai is dying for a drink of a different kind.  As the issue progresses it is clear this is one built more off of the characters and really the character development here was quite...

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Demon in a Bottle Part Deux? 0

I actually have not read Demon in a Bottle which I hear is quintessential Iron Man reading so I probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Matt Fraction and co. have decided to go big with this story arc. Zeke Stane who is arguably smarter than Tony Stark and Mandarin, smart in his own right and crazily powerful, have combined forces and come out swinging. They're bringing the heat and Tony Stark is at another one of those low points in his life. Getting his drink on while in armor during Fea...

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Invincible Iron Man # 510 0

Invincible Iron Man # 510Matt Fraction delivers a good read for Iron Man proven again that why Matt Fraction is probably the best writer for Iron Man. Matt Fraction knows this character better than any other writer I have experienced. And the villains in this book are just too big for words. I am really excited to see how this book will play out. Remarkable aftermath issue taking place after Fear Itself. This has success written for Matt Fraction taking Iron Man to another level. I enjoyed seein...

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Dwarves Against Drunk Flying 0

Following the events of Fear Itself, Tony Stark has been sober for three days. Spitlick has joined Stark Resilient and even accompanies Tony to AA meetings. In the meantime Mandarin and Stane are organizing a plot that involves exposing Tony’s alcohol levels during The Serpent’s War. This issue was really little more than a follow up and only serves for the purpose of leading into the next event: Shattered Heroes. Though it will be interesting to see what Mandarin and Stane have planned Tony, no...

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Iron Man #510 review 0

First post Fear Itself Iron Man issue, and I'm excited with the return of the Mandarin and Ezekiel Stane, and the way they are plotting against Tony together. Also I'm glad of the fact Tony going off the wagon hasn't been brushed under the carpet and he will be held accountable. unsure about spilt lip but we'll see....

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