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A Beginning To Something Special

The Story:  
Mark Grayson is a young kid in high school who begins to develop the super powers he inherited from his father. As he begins to grow into a hero and fight crime, he meets a group of heros called the Teen Team. Invincible stops one of his high school teachers who was behind the mall bombings that were happening. 

My Thoughts:  
Series writer and creator Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead) does a great job introducing you to Invincible's world. The first volume is only four issues so it's quick, exciting and easy to follow. Kirkman wastes no time giving you background information on Viltrum, the home planet where Invincible's father is from. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we find out more about Viltrum and possibly end up there. 

The comic is fun especially when we see Invincible testing his powers and coming up with a costume and name. At first glance you may think that because Invincible is in high school that this is directed towards a younger audience. That's not the case as one of Invincible's first enemies is a school teacher who is strapping bombs to students and blowing up malls. 

One thing I didn't like was the name of the super hero team Invincible meets. The "Teen Team" is not that catchy of a name. I don't know if Kirkman did that on purpose or was just rushing himself. 

The art is by Cory Walker who is also a co-creator of the series. He has a very simplistic and cartoonish style that easily stands out from other comics. The colors are really soft on the eyes. It's not the best art style I've seen but it serves its purpose and I'm sure it will grow on me more as I continue to read the series. 

I think this is the beginning of something special. This first volume just gets your feet wet while exploring Invincible's origin, seeing him engaging in his first fight and meeting a super hero team who he becomes friends with. I look forward to reading this series further to see what great things will come next. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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