spiderslayer's Invincible #81 review

Does Rick Grimes from Walking Dead Make an Apperance?

This issue for me of Invincible does not do it for me. After the last story arch the past couple of issues have been slow. I know you can not have great action and battles all the time but the story should be really solid and it was just weak this issue. I think I was generious in giving it a 3 out 5. I think what I was hoping for was a contiuation of the story that had just happend with Dinosaurus instead we find him Naked and Rick And Shane look alikes from the Walking Dead  find his clothes. While Invincible is feels bad for himself and does a quick battle with PowerPlex. At the end we find Invincible wondering what he is going to do next. 
All and all I am not to happy. The best thing for me was seeing The two cops in the book looking like Rick and Shane,and that should not be the highlight in a good comic like Invincible. Again being nice a 3 out of 5. 
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