jd907's Invincible #73 - The Viltrumite War: Part 3 review

Really? Ummm... Okay.

Well, after the last issue gave us nothing but action, I guess I shouldn't be suprised by how little there is here. I don't have much to work with here, but I'll do what I can. 
So we start off where we did last issue, with Conquest dead, Invincible severely injured, and the Viltrumite war about to begin. Omni-Man and Oliver find Mark and treat his injuries, but he's still u nconscious . Omin-Man fears that if they try to fly him somewhere else, they'll onlymake his wounds worse. For lack of a better plan, they decide to wait on the desolate planet for a few monthes until he heals. 
That's it? That's it? REALLY? 
Okay, fine. Whatever. 
Meanwhile, Allen and Tech-Jacket manage to escape the Spaceball guys and get back to the capital planet of Team: Protagonist. Thadeus (A.K.A. the president guy) decides that the destruction of their ship in issue #71 constituted an act of war, and declares an attack on the Viltrumite Empire. 
The rest of the issue takes place over about three to four monthes, and cuts back and fourth between Allen and Tech-Jacket fighting the war, and Nolan and Oliver bonding while Mark heals. It finally ends with Mark starting to wake up, but not actually waking up, and the revelation that one of Thadeus's assistants is actually a double agent, working for Team: Antagonist. Not exactly the biggest plot twist of all time, but at least it's something.
Even the free backup story is kinda lame. The last one ended with Tech Jacket flying into space to fight an unknown threat. This issue reveals it to be a robot-thing that eats space junk. Kinda like the Iron Giant, only less friendly and more lizard-ish. He fights it for a few pannels, then we end on a cliffhanger. 
Overall, Kirkman is a fantastic writer, but this issue wasn't anything memorable. He managed to keep it entertaining by giving the characters the clever and funny dialogue he's known for, and by keeping each scene too short for the reader to get bored with it. That being said, there's only so much you can do to make two guys sitting on a goddamn desert planet for three monthes entertaining.
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