passionfruits's Invincible #73 - The Viltrumite War: Part 3 review

Character Bonding

So the theme of this issue is definitely character bonding. The other review mentioned that there was not a lot of action and that is very true. But there is a lot of bonding going on. It is almost as if Robert Kirkman was bringing out some of his Walking dead pacing on this one. 
Lately it takes a very short time to read the book because half of the panels are fight scenes. It is easy to be engaged because there is a lot going on visually (thanks to Mr. Ottley and FCO). But what made the first battle with Conquest so important was the fist that he put through Atom Eve; literally see issue #64. It was up to Mark Grayson to protect those close to him from such graphic violence. And it was graphic. So as Invincible readers, from issue #1 for me, we have grown accustomed lately to lots and lots of action. This issue fell way short on that end. 
But there are redeeming moments of character bonding. Omni-man and Oliver (keep a close watch on him); Allen and Tech Jacket; Mark with himself. And I have to say that the cliffhanger though not ground breaking as some have been, clearly sets the tone for the Viltrumite War. As I think about it this issue spends a lot of time laying the groundwork for a horrible and bloody death! How many can agree that Kirkman gets you to care about a character then offs him/her. 
I do agree that this issue is not immediately memorable, but I reckon that we will remember it when the time is right.
Two points of contention. First the cover is very deceptive; I just wonder how tough those pink delicious things are. Second the biggest beef is the timing. I mean it seems like weeks go by with each panel. I know there are cuts to the war, but is there some sort of agreement between sides to hold off the important stuff until Mark is ready...
This issue gets a biased 4 out of 5 from me. It is not the best starting on point for the War or the series. Start with Invincible Returns for that. So enjoy cause there is going to be some more craziness to happen. I mean Viltrumites can punch through people. Oh and one more thing, there is a cameo from a well known Invincible character and let me just say that this character looks awesome!


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