grim's Invincible #68 review

Kirkman is a genius.

 The last dozen or so issues of Invincible have been crazy enough as it is. Massive, earth shattering battle asfter massive earth shattering battle. And just as you think Mark is finally gonna slide back into simpler times, this slaps you in your face and calls you a fool. 
 Ottley's work on this book is fantastic. His unique ability to portray exact emotions in his characters faces has matured beautifully during his world on HAUNT, and seeing it back in Invincible is a wet dream come to life. 
 And no surprise, Kirkman slays the story. As Mark is struggling with his new moral code, he and Eve are working as a team to get their security business off the ground so they can afford to support themselves... and anything the future may hold (read to find out. its freaking crazy!) 
Kirkman also introduces the cover villain, Dinosaurus, and his interesting look on superheroes and their harmful impact on the world and society. Leave it to Kirkman to make you see eye to eye with a dinosaur super villain. 
 68 sets you up for what promises to be a very exciting few months, with a handful of "O Sh-nikeys!" moments that really pack a punch.

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Posted by SilverZeo

I can't help but feel that Dinosaurus is as stupid as he smart, a living oxymoron. I mean, when you simpilify what he says in the first pages of the comics, Dinosuarus is basically saying...
"STOP! You're destroying the world by doing volunteer work, and I have to brutally hurt you to prove that I am right."

Posted by Grim
@SilverZeo: thats funny.
Posted by SilverZeo
@Grim: And also, in light of the recent disasters, I think he so "called" perfect plan for humanity can be called into question.

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