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To Start off, I'm a big fan of this series and all of it's caracters, I enjoy the story plots and cross-overs that are created during the issues. Having that said, I very much enjoyed this issue and all of the major guest apperances that showed up during the climatice events that occured in this book. This issue gave me a great feeling that this was a major event such as Secret Invasion and Ultimatum. It carries a great ammount of action and violence while having a mildly good plot and story. It promises to keep the reader interested throughout the entire issue and gives a suprise ending that would tempt readers to join in the next issue. There are suprising deaths located in this issue, but I will not give away any spoilers to thoose who like to read comic book issues first hand. The Image universe is collapsing and Robert Kirkman is writing the story that will guide you through it.

Posted by sonofhercules95

In the First sentence, I meant to say characters. Forgot the (h).

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