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At the secret base of the former "Teen Team", Robot inspects the remains of the device that Invincible brought. Robot decided that the device was meant to spy on Invincible and his family. After hearing the news, Invincible flies off to the United States Pentagon. Soon, after breaking their defenses, Invincible stops after Cecil makes his appearance. Cecil claims he had nothing to do with the device that was captured by Invincible and his teammates. Eventually, Invincible calms down and is asked for a favor by Cecil and his comrade. Somewhere else, "The Elder" trains the Astounding Wolf-Man for the battles yet to come. Soon after, Gary transforms into his wolf-like state and jumps off into the forest. Back at the Pentagon, Invincible is asked to take out the Astounding Wolf-Man. Mark refuses at irst, but when the giant escapes along side the Wolf-Man on his back, it would be taking out to birds with one stone. In the forest, Gary battles the giant whose wrecking down the entire forest in a matter of seconds. In the midst of the battle, Invincible flies in and knocks the giant right in the back of his head and catches Gary. When the giant started to rise from the ground, Mark knocked him off of his feet and puts him down for good. Soon, the response team arrives and captures the giant creature, it is later revealed that the giant was just a kid who was pulled into another dimension and genetically altered. Eventually, Invincible stated that he still had to turn over Gary to Cecil at the Pentagon. After hearing that, Gary leaps off into the air only to be punched back to the ground by Invincible. Gary tries to explain that he did not kill his wife and that he was innocent. Gary then returned back into his human for to prove his point about him being not guilty. Soon after, they return to the Pentagon to tell Cecil what truly happened that night that Gary's wife was killed. Refusing to hear the argument, Cecil calls the guards and commands them to take out both Invincible and Astounding Wolf-Man.

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