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In space alone...surrounded by Viltrumites Allen faces his fiercest fight yet!

Anissa throws Mark flying, than rushes back and grabs him she tells him that he has made a huge mistake, and slams him into the ground. She tells him that shes way stronger, fatser, and smarter than him she says that she will kill him if he even twitches. She asks if he has anything to say fror himself, and he says that she cracked his back, and it feels great now! She tells him that its his decision to secure the planet. She'll be back in a year of maybe even 5 months she does not want to be disappointed. Anissa flies into space, and a swat team arrives, and asks Mark if he need any help. He says he's fine and flies off.

In space Anissa arrives in the Viltrumite ship her captain asks how things went she says they could have gone better. She says that somehow some way they will be able to bring them to their side.

Mark meets back down with his mom, ans she asks what happened he is reluctant to discuss, and offers to fly her home she agrees, but tells him to pick up her car tonight. Mark arrives home to see Oliver, and meets April Oliver's tutor she tells him about his progress, and Oliver is very happy.

Meanwhile in space Allen is flying back to the Coalition of the Planets. He is thinking about his girlfriend, and about how much he loves her. He wishes he was able to marry her, but knows that will never happen. Just than he barely dodges a Viltrumite ship. He hopes the don't notice but Anissa comes flying out and Allen offers to talk it out. Anissa says no and Allen punches her. She asks when he got so strong, and tells him that Nolan is in the ship. Allen is punched but plays possum to enter the ship, and save Nolan.

Back at the University Mark, complains about the algebra to Mark. He says there is no use in him even doing it because hes failing anyway. He flies up in the sky, and thinks about whats coming in five months.

Deborah is on a date, and she says that what worries her is that her husband never loved her in the first place.

In space a prisoner asks Nolan why he looks so troubled. He says that each day he grows closer to execution, but the alien says its something else. Than he says, "I THINK I MISS MY WIFE!".

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