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Invincible heads over to the Teen Team HQ to talk to Atom Eve above the recent spate of human bombs. She's away with Rex-Splode; her "boyfriend", as Robot tells Invincible! That is one fact which Mark seems to be continually, and uncomfortably, reminded of: whether it be Rex and Atom kissing, or Mr Hiles mistaking the two for a couple.

While Mark and Sam are busy at school, Robot follows up on the human bomb case, discovering that the perpetrator is likely one of the teachers. In fact, there's only teacher with the known background and skills to pull off such a stunt: Mr Hiles. Invincible and Atom race off to their teacher's house. Hiles admits to his crime which was done to avenge his son's suicide by killing the types of people he holds responsible for that tragedy. To prove his point Hiles has turned himself into a human bomb too, leaving Invincible no choice but to get him as far away as possible as soon as possible (linking back to the opening scene of Invincible #1).

At the end of the day, finally, Mark can go home for dinner. His dad, Omni-Man, has returned from some alternate dimension. They're extraordinary, but somehow, still normal.

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Invincible issue #4 Review 0

In this issue, Omni-Man is gone for much of it still in the dimension with the Flaxons. We get to find out about the bombs and who is behind them. Mark and Atom Eve get more development and we see that everyone thinks Mark and Atom have a thing for each other.We find out also that Atom Eve's real name is Samantha Eve. I hope we find out how she got her alter ego. Omni-Man finally returns at the end of this issue. Personally, I wish that there was more detail as to how he got back, but that's ju...

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