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Only once in his career has Invincible been beaten this badly. That time it was his father, Omni-Man, who had done the beating. Who could it be this time? This issue is a can't miss for any long-time fans of the book, and it's all leading up to the HUGE events in issue 25, coming next month.

After the Mauler Brothers completed their machine for Angstrom, they began their experiment. Unfortunately, Invincible crashed into the lab, ruining the procedure. This caused Angstrom to gather all the Mauler Brothers from their alternate universes to take care of Mark while Angstrom continues his experiments. While Angstrom rejected the Mauler Brothers attempt to kill Invincible, he lifted the helmet connected to the machine which caused and explosion that killed all of the alternate Mauler Brothers. Afterward, the Guardians of the Globe make the scene due to the explosion seen from the secret hideout. A surviving Mauler Brother find a deformed Angstrom, wanting revenge against Invincible for ruining his experiments and turning him into a monster. He then leaves the universe to plot for his revenge, leaving the surviving Mauler Brother stranded.

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