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Picking up right where the 50¢ issue #0 left off! Mark and Amber have come to a new understanding, things are different and now they're left wondering what's next for them. Meanwhile, something is happening in deep space. Luckily, Allen the Alien is on hand to deal with it, but will he be enough?

After Mark reveals himself to be the famous "Invincible", he and Amber have sex with one another. Later, in a galaxy far away, we find ,"Allen the Alien" roaming the universe and finally entering his home planet's atmosphere. He reports to the council on the what has occured on Earth. Allen states that a Viltrumite offspring resited in the invasion of the planet. That new led the council to believe that more viltumite offspring could be joined to their cause and destroy the vultrumite empire. Soon after, Allen returns to his girlfriend "Telia". They discuss why they cannot reproduce due to Allen's mating rules. They later make love, then go out for dinner. While in the middle of their meal, they are interrupted by viltrumite soilders that question him about "Omni-man" and "Invincible". Once Allen has told them what they wanted to know, they continue to tare off his arm, punch a hole in his stomach, and leave his broken body floating in sace. He is later visited in the medical center by "Telia" and the council member, it is later revealed that there is a spy in the council.

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