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Mark Grayson is just like everyone else his age, except that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. And now he's begun to inherit his father's powers. It all sounds okay at first, but how do you follow in your father's footsteps when you know you will never live up to his standards? Old doors close as new ones open. Mark Grayson, AKA Invincible, has reached the end of his high school years. Watch as our hero dons that goofy-looking cap and gown and hope some big super-villain doesn't crash his graduation ceremony. Then again, what are the chances of THAT happening?

Invincible goes on a date with Amber, and they discuss their graduation. Angstrom Levy breaks the Mauler Twins out of jail, and they team up. Mark's school spends all their time watching movies, and Mark finds that his mother is drinking way too much. Invincible fights a monster with the Capes corporation who offer him a job, but he refuses. Mark graduates but when everyone is throwing their caps in the air his goes so high it lands in another country.

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Graduation 0

Invincible #17 was an extremely fun read, with touches of romance, action and humour. We never really got to see much from Amber, but in this issue, we finally see her hanging out with Mark for 6 straight pages, and it was all very nice. The humour part was very brief, but still, of course, funny. What happens is basically shown in the cover, but it's more detailed inside the comic, and can give you a laugh. As for action, we see this new villain called Thomas Winters. He is pretty strong and ba...

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Invincible issue #17 Review 0

Good issue. Mark graduates from high school. I feel that the issue with his mom will only get worse as time goes on. I hope she doesn't drink to death. Angstrom Levy makes another appearance. He breaks the Mauler Twins out of jail by some kind of teleportation thing. They have to help him with something. I think Angstrom will cause a big attack in the next few issues....

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