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Mark Grayson is just like everyone else his age, except that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. And now he's begun to inherit his father's powers. It all sounds okay at first, but how do you follow in your father's footsteps when you know you will never live up to his standards? EISNER AWARD NOMINEE FOR BEST NEW TITLE! The Immortal is back. Seemingly dead at the end of issue 7, he was brought back to life by The Maulers and has now decided to reclaim his status as leader of The Guardians of the Globe. This does not bode well for the current leader, Robot. And just how does all of this involve Invincible?

This issue begins in another reality. One where Invincible has decided to help his father take over earth for the Viltrumite empire. During this time we see Robot killed by Invincible, The Immortal killed by Omni-Man yet again. Angstrom Levy is taken to the real Invincible's reality (he is lead by himself from another dimension to the current reality we as the reader are aware of). Where an alien invasion is taking place, and Invincible, and the Guardians of the Globe are fighting them, They win against the aliens but a great deal of damage has occurred to Earth. Cecil agrees that the new Guardians of the Globe are not working out, and Robot is fired, and the Immortal is put in charge, yet he stays as a member of the team. Invincible and Atom Eve go to clean up the damage done by the Aliens. When cleaning up they see Titan throwing around rubble, they confront him and he informs them that he has changed his ways and Invincible buys it. Angstrom Levy brings the other Angstrom Levy to a warehouse full of Angstrom Levy's from other dimensions.

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Invincible issue #16 Review 0

I was originally going to give this a lower rating because of the confusion, but after reading the summary about the issue, it made more sense.This issue opens up one major question: Who is Angstrom Levy? This issue also tells what it would be like if Invincible had helped his father conquer Earth. We also meet Titan....

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Who is Angstrom Levy? 0

While this issue can prove to be enjoyable, it might get quite confusing at some points. The cause of all the mess up is the change of dimensions. Unfortunately, this number might leave you with more questions than answers. You see, this Angstrom Levy guy seems to be collecting his own person from other dimensions and bringing them (or should I say him?) to Mark's current dimension. You'll be wondering who the hell Levy is and what role he'll play in the Invincible series. Meanwhile, in the worl...

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