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Holy F*ck Indeed

Invincible is honestly one of the titles in which a lot of action takes place, two superhumans battling and punching each other is a regular thing in this series, and I'm sure going back to some of the previous issues you wouldn't be surprised as to why this is the case. But invincible isn't really just people slaughtering each other,(well, it has a A lot of that as well) but really it's a well written book with a lot of twists and turns, and this issue is not an exception to that rule.

Let me make it clear, when Mark visits his evil from another universe it's safe to think that there is going to be a huge showdown, however, this issue has none of it. In fact, it's basically talking, but of course, as you might have guessed, it by no means makes it bad or mediocre, in fact, certain events take place that would really surprise you. (Spoilers from this point on) I mean, there have been a lot of hints that Rex was up to something, but considering that he's been a stand up guy for most of the series you really wouldn't expect him to go down the World Domination road. It would seem that he has had plans all along for the future and for Mark as well.

This was absolutely a fantastic twist in all honesty, and while I'm genuinely sad that Rex had gone over to the dark side if you will, it's something I never really expected, well at the very least i didn't think Kirkman would go through with it. Moreover, what's great about Robot is that he is a force to be reckoned with, his intelligence is a very powerful weapon, considering that not only did he manage to immobilize two invincibles, but also managed to kill the more Savage one. This It does give you a general idea what Rex is capable of when he isn't using his powers to help people.And the build up wasn't rushed either, and while you might have the same reaction Mark had (Which was shouting HOLY F*CK!)when he witnessed what his so called friend had done, it still gives you the sense that every other hint that had pointed to Rex's ultimate corruption made sense and was summed up nicely. If I had to nit pick, despite being a great issue, the only thing I didn't like story wise is the fact that, well, Levy was killed off really quickly, and I had been hoping that he'd become a potential ally in the future or at least play some role of significance, but he was simply disposed of.

The art as usual is Gory and spectacular as hell, like I said there isn't much fighting going on, but Kirkman manages to include some pretty gory details for his story, and boy are they delivered well. I'm really surprised, even today, that the creative team work so well when it comes to story telling.

Overall, Invincible still manages to shake things up and keep things fresh while simultaneously providing loads of cinematic entertainment.


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