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Doc Seismic is back and wrecking havoc under the new alias, "Seismic", with the help of his partner Volcanikka.

The Good

Well, let's say the "shock" value was achieved in this issue. More on that later though. Robert Kirkman is really building on Invincible's obligation to protect Atom Eve no matter what! Ever since Angstorm reappeared in issue 104, Invincible has been on edge lately. Who can blame him? He's about to become a new father and is in the public eye with many dangerous enemies; and with Atom Eve not able to use her powers during the pregnancy, murdering both the baby and Eve would destroy Invincible. So wanting to stop Angstorm for good would be on Invincible's priority list -- and Kirkman does an outstanding job on playing with Invincible's worse fears!

Plus Anissa the Viltrumite in this comic! What's up with that post-battle victory? Things are getting more-and-more interesting I'll say.

The artwork by Ryan Ottley -- it IS GOOD!

The Bad

Somethings are left unanswered, even though they are answered elsewhere. Either in Guardians of the Globe or Invincible Universe spinoff series, I don't know, but I said it while reading this comic "WHAAAAT?!" Monster Girl has a child, but it's really, really weird how it works (or doesn't work)? It's weird in the sense that I have no idea at all what is going on, or what has already gone on. There was plenty of talk of "world takeover" and "peace", but I'm wondering where/when did this happen? If Kirkman added one of those "creator comments" of where/when that specific part took place in either Guardians of the Globe or Invincible Universe and in what issue(s), I wouldn't be questioning things. However, I am now questioning events because that was brought to my attention now instead of the past. It ruined my entire experience of this comic because of that big "shock" value. If you haven't read either of those series, I recommend reading this issue first and you'll know what the big "shock" is.

The Verdict

Invincible, it's ter-ri-fic! I recommend you buy every single Invincible issue there is, cause you won't regret it! Even though this issue has it's ups-and-downs. However, when thinking about it, anything you read has a negative/positive side! Overall 2 out of 5.

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