super_man_23's Invincible #105 review

The "easy" lifestyle.

Lots of crazy things have happened in a short amount of time. War and death were two of those things that have happened recently. However, all of that is done (for now) and Invincible and friends/family can get back to a somewhat regular and easy lifestyle.

The Good

So, Invincible and family/friends are playing house. That's basically the story behind this issue. All the crazy things that have happened super recently (i.e. the Thragg and the Viltrumites wanting to wage war against Earth) are all done. Now, it's time to rebuild and catch up with old friends. This issue acts as an anchor for new or returning readers. Ultimately, that's not all bad.

There are parts of this story that are enjoyable. If you don't know by now, then well, you are about to run into a spoiler; Eve is pregnant. Yeah -- So seeing what Robert Kirkman is doing with Invincible in molding his fear of the future is one of the best things in this issue.

Granted, the baby is gonna be far from a major character in the series; and knowing Robert Kirkman and his writing/story telling we will see the child's entire life unfold [probably]. However, I'm pretty sure that the child will be born before INVINCIBLE #130, but that's my own personal guess.

Anyway, Kirkman's story telling for this issue was terrific. He showed us what's happening in Invincible's life, his family, the Viltrumites, and also the thought process of Rex; which is a bit dark. So another great issue!

The artwork by Ryan Ottley is outstanding! If you hate Ottley's artwork, then you need to get that checked out. Hating his artwork on this series is like saying you've never heard of the Mona Lisa.

The Bad

I understand the reason for these "break" issues, but the pattern could be changed. If I remember correctly, ever since the Invincible War story arc; it's been a major threat, major change, then like five or so relief issues. That's been enjoyable, don't get me wrong, but it's the same pattern over-and-over again. Yes, it's to get get new readers into the series and also give the current readers breathing room, but if each relief issue is rebuilding something or talks about some future threat down the road; it's going to get repetitive! If Kirkman instead focused more on the events at hand (i.e. Eve's pregnancy) it'd be a nice change and allow better story telling for those issues that lead into the next major event.

The Verdict

It's INVINCIBLE, one of the best superhero comic books currently being published. I absolutely enjoy the character direction and story telling that Robert Kirkman has done so far, and allied with Ryan Ottley leads to some pretty sweet interior art. If you have been missing out on this series, I recommend picking up this issue or the last major event that happened "everyone dies!" if I remember correctly. Anyway, 3 out of 5.

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