super_man_23's Invincible #103 review

Invincible 103

Angstorm Levy is back!

The Good

It has been a while, but Angstorm Levy is back. With the after events of the Death of Everyone story arc, Invincible and company are readjusting to life after almost loosing them. With Mark and Eve making plans for their eventual wedding and birth of their child, all seems perfect until Levy returns.

Robert Kirkman does it again! This Invincible story is getting better with each issue. A good example is with Eve. With her finding out last issue that she can't use her powers because it would take up all the nutrients in her body ultimately killing her unborn child -- I thought that was interesting. However, when she used her abilities to conjure up a ring, I was a little skeptical if Kirkman had forgotten what he wrote. However, immediately in this issue Eve already panics and thinks she injured her child because she used her powers. I respect that in Robert Kirkman's choice because it shows that natural human mistake of doing something even though you sub consciously know it is harmful.

Plus, Robert Kirkman had a lot of references to older Invincible issues. He had one character from issue 37 that I have not seen since that issue. Also, at the end of this issue he had the Invincible(s) from parallel worlds, I totally forgot about them until now. However, I not only enjoy how Kirkman worked those elements into the story without them being forced, but how he builds expectations to see how all these characters live after not being seen for 40+ issues.

The artwork by Ryan Ottley is still superior. I've absolutely enjoyed when he took over as the series lead artist and he's always added that great design, eye for detail, and his style just works perfect with the colors by John Rauch and the ink by Cliff Rathburn.

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict

Invincible story continues! With Eve in trouble and Invincible on another world, how will things end for the two characters? Plus what about Grand Regent Thragg and how will he escape from prison? All these questions and more! Invincible is the perfect blend of super heroing, writing, and artwork to make this a must have series for those who absolutely enjoy superheroes. Overall 5 out of 5.

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