super_man_23's Invincible #102 review

Invincible 102

Omni-Man vs. Grand Regent Thragg! Who will win?

The Good

Robert Kirkman continues to make things interesting for the main characters of this series! A while ago we learned that Invincible's bloodline comes from one of the greatest rulers of the Viltrumite species. With Grand Regent Thragg being one of the most cunning villains of this series, he stopped at nothing to make sure Invincible and Omni-Man never learned the truth. However, with the fight between Omni-Man and Thragg in this issue, the truth is finally out!

One of the things that Robert Kirkman did that was better in this issue than the last, was escalating on the already great story from an earlier issue. Kirkman continues to build upon the good that is happening in the main characters' lives, while still developing how many characters are still getting used to the fact that characters like Invincible and Omni-Man aren't dead or in jail. With Omni-Man and Thragg fighting it out against one another it was great to see the artwork by Ryan Ottley's awesome overly gory fight scenes.

Plus Kirkman adds that Invincible and Atom Eve are now engaged. So hurray!

The Bad

No complaints. This was a far better issue than 101.

The Verdict

The truth is finally out! Omni-Man is now the rightful ruler of the Viltrumites and Invincible and Atom Eve reach a new point in their relationship. With so many things having transpired in such a small amount of time, it is hard to wait for the next issue. Robert Kirkman has been known to have good things escalate greatly before something horrible happens, but who knows, Kirkman might have a change of heart? Ryan Ottley is still doing a fantastic job with the artwork. Things are looking up for Invincible and his family. However, will that end with the return of Angstorm Levy in issue 103? 5 out of 5.

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