Invincible #100

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Warning: There is a lot of stuff happening in this issue and it's pretty hard to talk about it without going over some minor spoilers. Bigger spoilers will be blacked out, if needed. This is your warning.

The Good

INVINCIBLE 100 is the most insane comic I've read this year. From the looks of issue 99, it seems Dinosaurus had Mark just where he wanted him. People are dying all across the world from the flooding Dinosaurus created. The world of INVINCIBLE is in disarray. How will they fix it?

From the opening page, your jaw will be dropped as Dinosaurus crushes Mark's head, killing him. And that's just the start to this issue. While the heroes try to save the city and the world struggles with Mark's death, which was broadcasted on television, this issue is really about redemption and realizing what type of person you truly are. The majority of the issue deals with the predicament Mark is in and how Dinosaurus' intentions may be for the better good, but the road there was the wrong one to take.

I didn't expect this issue to be anything like this. It's issue 100, and I expected an epic battle with a thrilling conclusion, and what I got was an incredible discussion about the betterment of human kind through different actions. It's like a battle of morality here, and it was brilliant. Writer Robert Kirkman does an amazing work with dialogue here as we discover how Mark truly feels about himself as a hero. This whole scene ends with an incredibly sad moment that happens off-panel, and while normally, I hate off-panel moments, this one works perfectly and feels right.

I normally complain about how I hate the idea of "going back to normalcy" after a large event. This is an idea that INVINCIBLE 100 explores and tries to accomplish, and it works because while this world tries to get back on track to the days when Mark was working for Stedman there's no way "normal" will ever exist again, and this is the type of book that will convey that in future issues.

Ryan Ottley's art, as it is with every issue of this book, is phenomenal. And while it's awesome, Cliff Rathburn's inks and John Rauch's colors bring this book to life. The inking is subtle and natural. It's the perfect enhancement to the pencils and a brilliant compliment. John Rauch's best coloring work, in my opinion, comes when he's putting color into blood. He gets the lighters and darker tones perfectly (not that I'm an expert on blood or anything). This art team is fantastic, and there's some great splash pages here, including that stunning opening scene.

The Bad

My main problem with this was I couldn't tell the time frame in which this whole issue takes place? Is it over a day, a month, numerous months? Here's the thing, at the end of the issue, Eve is pretty distraught about the events that took place on television. It's like they just happened and she just witnessed it. On the other side of things, Rex had time to build two, gigantic, moon-like satellites to fix the mess Dinosaurus created, and there's no way he could have created something of that magnitude in a day or a week, unless I'm underestimating his powers. Unless I missed something, I'm a bit confused.

The Verdict

INVINCIBLE 100 is an amazing read, but not for the reasons a milestone issue is usually great. It explores this world and its characters on a deeper level after a world changing event. While this story was fantastic, I think the road ahead will be even better as we see how these characters adjust to the changes here. What really makes this such a great issue is the dialogue Mark has during his time in this dark place as he reevaluates what it means to be a hero and they choices heroes have to make.

As always, the art here is fantastic, and you'll be treated to a lot of great storytelling through the art and fantastic splash pages. This is one of the best art teams working today.

Overall, INVINCIBLE 100 is a phenomenal issue and a must buy.


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