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Now he's Invinvible 0

Life as a teenager is never easy ask anyone but it's more difficult for Mark so I guess it helps to be INVINCIBLE. Mark Grayson is a normal teenage kid he's a senior at a normal high school, he has a crappy part time job, he likes girls just doesn't under stand them and he hangs out with his friends. The only difference between Mark and everyone else his age is that his Dad is the most powerful super-hero on the planet and recently Mark seems to be inheriting his Dad's powers....

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Invincible #1 review 0

Like most of the Image comics issue #1s I read, this one was free to read on their site and thank goodness it was. After reading through a cavalcade of really bad comics(like Sidekick) I stumbled upon Invincible #1. Invincible is one of Image's most popular comic series and this comic shows why. The main character is fun and likable, the plot is good for a first issue introducing you to the main character and the world he lives in and the art is pretty good and rather unique. Overall, I liked th...

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InvinciReview! #1 0

JUMPING RIGHT INTO THINGS The Latin phrase "In medias res" (pronounced "in meh-dee-us race", among other ways) means "in the middle of things" and is normally used to describe a narrative technique that involves dropping the reader into a story that's already in progress, leaving the beginning of the story to be filled in later (hopefully). It's also normally a bad sign. It's often used by writers as a hook. An attempt to draw in the readers attention right away by plopping them into the m...

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Invincible issue #1 Review 0

Invincible is another comic book series by the brilliant mind of Robert Kirkman. I love Robert's The Walking Dead series as well. Invincible is the story of Mark Grayson aka Invincible. He's your normal high school kid with a job and likes girls. The only thing abnormal about him is his father: Omni-Man. Omni-Man is the most powerful superhero on Earth. Mark is starting to develop his father's powers such as throwing at super speed, lifting cars and flying.There are three things that make this ...

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It just pays to be, INVINCIBLE! 0

Robert Kirkman introduces a new character to the world of superheroes! Let's just say that this is a new twist to the idea of being a superhero and a legacy child. It's going to pay to be INVINCIBLE!The GoodIn this issue, it's all about beginnings! Robert Kirkman introduces to us the friends and family of Mark Grayson [a.k.a. Invincible]. And how his world changes from absolutely normal to awesome in a very short amount of time. With his father, Omni-Man, being the World's Greatest Hero; Mark ha...

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